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Buyer notice: We use only Quality components!
In our bulbs we use only the best quality components – this is the inside of one of our bulbs
Why are we making a point of this? It has come to our attention that there are some inferior look-a-like products on the market.
Inferior products will not give you the benefits provided by our bulbs.

Other frequently asked Questions

Why buy new LED bulbs from OnlineLEDoutlet?

OnlineLEDoutlet is committed to offering quality products at the best prices

  • LED bulbs use less electricity providing reduced electricity bills year on year
  • LED bulbs are environmentally friendly
  • Cancer causing health risks associated with other low energy bulbs don’t apply to LED’s
  • Lighting Carbon footprint reduction of up to 90%


How much can I save with LED bulbs?

The savings you can make will depend on how many bulbs you switch to LED, they types of bulb that you have been using and the amount of time that on average you use the lights and the price of electricity.  As electricity prices rise the savings that you will be making will increase.

As an example; if you replace just 1 of your existing halogen 50 watt GU10 spotlight bulb with a 4 Watt LED which will provide you with a the same light output and you normally use the lights for 4 hours a day on average and you are paying the standard 13.7p per unit for electricity then you will save £9.20 over the course of the year. That adds up to hundreds of pounds a year if you change all of your bulbs.

Using this example the initial outlay cost of the bulb will be more than recouped in energy savings in the first year and as LED bulbs are expected to last for 50,000 hours over 50 times that of a standard Halogen bulb so they will go on saving you money year after year.

Why buy LED bulbs instead of low energy bulbs or CFL’s (Compact fluorescent lamps)?

CFL’s (Compact florescent lamps) of the type commonly available in our supermarkets use 70% less energy than standard bulbs and last eight to fifteen times longer. This compares to the 90% energy saving for LED bulbs and LED bulbs lasting 50 times longer.

Health hazard of CFL bulbs; In 2012 German scientists from the Federation of German Engineers have raised concerns over carcinogenic chemicals that are release when CFL energy saving bulbs are switched on.   This does not apply to LED bulbs.

We think that our LED bulbs are more attractive than CFLs!

Known issues with all types of night-time lighting; All lighting left on overnight when sleeping can disrupt the biological clock.  Blue and bright white LED’s are likely to have a stronger effect than warmer colours; so if you are purchasing for all night lighting consider purchasing warmer colours.

Will the LED bulbs fit my existing fitments?

The OnlineLEDoutlet  sells bulbs that are a direct replacement for halogen and CFL bulbs.  We sell bulbs with both screw and bayonet fittings.  The OnlineLEDoutlet bulbs may fit traditional fittings better than many CFL bulbs as they tend to be smaller and less obtrusive. They are also cool to the touch and so do not represent the same fire hazard as halogen bulbs.

Do I need a new transformer for LED spotlights?

The OnlineLEDoutlet bulbs will run on your existing transformers however we do sell transformers specifically designed for LED bulbs. These transformers are designed to increase the lifespan of the bulbs.

Do I need a new dimmer switch to go with my LED bulbs?

Possibly, LED lights use very little electricity and therefore work best with dimmers known as training edge dimmers that are designed to cope with the low wattage bulbs. We sell trailing edge dimmer switches.